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Sunday 8th May 2016


1. The Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd (MSCC) will promote a Clubsport Status Car Trial at Timberhonger Lane, Bromsgrove, B61 7EQ

The entrance to the site is off Timberhonger Lane between Whitford Road, Bromsgrove and the M5 overbridge.

2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.

3. An MSA Permit has been applied for.

4. The event is open to fully paid up members of the Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd driving Morgan four wheeled or pre-1941 three wheeled cars, or other cars. The Dellow Register, Pre War Austin Seven Club and the 750 Motor Club have been invited to enter.

Morgan 3 wheeled cars must have been constructed prior to 1941 as set out in the MSA's Competitors’ Year Book (the “Blue Book”) Clause A2.2.1.

5. All competitors must produce at signing on a current Club Membership Card and a valid MOT Certificate for the vehicle entered (if requiring an MOT).

6. The event is a round of the MSCC Championship (Classic listed) and for the Kieft Trophy and the Hunt Cup. It is a round of the Grasshopper Challenge for eligible Austin Seven cars.

7. The programme for the event is as follows:

a. Scrutineering / signing-on will take place between 9.00 and 10.00

b. Drivers' Briefing (10.15)

c. Start (10.30)

d. Finish latest (16.00 - hopefully)

Any competitor not signed on by (10.15) may be excluded.

8. Public roads will not be used to link sections. There will be at least six sections on private land, with at least three attempts at each section, conditions permitting. Sections will be marked by posts, with the penalty numbers attached at the top (coloured red on the right yellow on the left). The entry may be split into groups of classes and start at different sections. Tyre pressures will be restricted. Further details will be displayed at signing-on and at the Drivers' Briefing.

9. The event will consist of the following classes:

Class A: Series I 4/4s

Class B: 4/4s

Class C: +4s

Class D: + 8s and Roadsters

Class E: Pre 1941 Morgan Three Wheelers

Class F: Aero 8s

Class G: Dellow Cars

Class H: Standard Austin Seven Cars

Class I: Modified/Special Austin Seven Cars

Class J: Other Cars


a) All the other General Regulations of the MSA apply as written except as set out below.

b) The organisers' decision on classification shall be final and the right is reserved to subdivide or

amalgamate classes at their discretion. However, every effort will be made to ensure parity within amalgamated classes.

c) Any vehicles having a torque biasing differential will have a tyre pressure penalty of 4psi as set out in the

MSA “Blue Book”.

d) Vehicles may be "double entered."

10. Awards will be presented at the Prize Giving Ceremony after the event as follows:

a) Overall Winner driving a 4 wheeled Morgan (on Index of Performance).

b) First Place in each class.

c) Second Place in each class (subject to minimum 6 entries)

d) Third Place in each class (subject to minimum 9 entries)

e) Lady's Award (for the highest placed lady competitor based on fewest points lost)

f) Morgan Novice Award (for the highest placed novice competitor based on fewest points lost)

A competitor may win only one Award. Class ties will be determined in favour of the competitor with the greater number of lower scores, or if a tie still remains, on the principle of "furthest cleanest" starting from the first section attempted by that class. If a tie remains, the class award will be determined by the lowest time recorded over a timed test. A Morgan Novice is an entrant who has not won an overall or class award in a car trial in the last 3 years nor the Kieft or Hunt Trophys.

11. The entry list opens upon publication of these regulations and closes finally at 09.00 hrs. on 10th May 2015.

All entries must be made on the official entry form. The fee for fully paid up entries received up to 2nd May 2016 is £25.00 per entry.

For those entries received between the 3rd May and the 8th May, the fee is £35.00.

Refunds are at the organisers' discretion after expenses have been deducted.

Should you require your entry to be acknowledged please send an email address, or if none, an SAE.

Entries should be sent to the Secretary of the Meeting:-

Jane Austin

16 Park Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 8AT

Tel. No. 01384 297152      e-mail: gxaustin@gmail.com

12. The maximum entry for the meeting is 40, the minimum is 15. The minimum for each class is 3. Should any of these minimum figures not be reached, the organisers retain the right to cancel the meeting or amalgamate classes as required. Entries will be selected in order of receipt.

13. Other officials of the meeting are:

Clerk of the Course: Andrew Simpson

Club Steward: Tony Oliver

Chief Marshal: Graham Austin

Chief Scrutineer: Graham Austin (Officials to be confirmed)

14. Provisional Results will be published as soon as possible after the event. Final Results of the event will be sent to competitors who request, giving their email address.

15. Any protest must be lodged in accordance with Section C5 of the Competitors’ Yearbook, accompanied by a £5 fee to the Clerk of the Course within 30 minutes of the issuing of the provisional results.

16. Competitors will be identified by numbers as issued by the Secretary of the Meeting.

17. Entries may be accepted from drivers aged 16, or from drivers of 17 or over who do not hold a full RTA licence. In such cases the driver must be accompanied by a passenger who holds a full RTA licence and is a MSCC Member (or member of an invited club as appropriate), experienced as a driver of Car Trials and/or Sporting Trials.

18. Passengers must be seated and facing forwards with the seat back upright. All bouncing must take place within the confines of the passenger compartment.

19. The front passenger seat must be occupied by a person of 12 years old or over whilst attempting each observed section. Rear seat passengers may be carried in addition but must be 12 years old or over in Morgans and other open cars (2 years or over in saloon cars using child seats as required on the road). (See MSA Competitors’ Yearbook Regulation T 4.1.5 & 6 & 7)

20. All competitors/passengers aged under 18 years old must submit a correctly completed parental permission form (see entry form).

21. Signing on and Driver Briefings will take place at the "Competition Control" tent adjacent to the course.

22. Marshals and all named officials are judges of fact.

23. Dogs must be kept on a lead, under strict control at all times and not carried in competing cars.

24. Tyres must be a standard road pattern and not 'Grip', 'Town and Country', 'M&S' or 'All Seasons' pattern. Tyres listed by the ACTC are acceptable (see http://www.actc.org.uk/how.htm and click on "Tyre Regulations for cars" near bottom of page.

25. Improvements within the Morgan specification for the model range are acceptable.

26. The fitting of additional or replacement coil spring/damper units to the Morgan leaf spring rear suspension is permitted, as are radius arms and Panhard rods.

27. Ballast must be positioned within the body shell or bumpers, firmly secured and not visible or protruding.

Luggage racks must be empty. The number of spare wheels to be as standard for the model.

28. Should there be any query concerning these Regulations, including the eligibility of tyres, please contact the Secretary of the Meeting.

29. The eligibility of Austin and Dellow cars will be subject to the rules of the appropriate invited clubs.


In view of the unfortunate accident at the 2010 Linmog trial where a trike turned over we require all Three Wheeler drivers to:

Exercise great caution when reversing off a section, and in particular when manoeuvring on sloping ground. Please obey instructions from Marshals and if in doubt wait for assistance before proceeding.